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Episode Guide

Our show can be seen TODAY on Bell Local Montreal; Channel 1217 on Bell Fibe TV
Episode 1: Mural Festival


Original Air Date: September 18 2014


Duration: 13 MIN


Zina and Jonathan discover one of Montreal's newest festivals, MURAL. This event welcomes worldwide artists to draw a graffiti painting on Montreal's designated walls, in 4 days. Join us as we uncover the things to do and see at Mural Festival.

Episode 2: K-POP Flashmob


Original Air Date: September 20 2014


Duration: 11 MIN


K-Pop has become a hit sensation with the popular video sharing webiste, YouTube. Quebec youth groups such as QC K-Pop, 2KSQUAD, IX and many other join up to get ready for K-Pop Flashmob. Join Jonathan and Zina as they discover what K-Pop is and how it impacts on youth culture.

Episode 3: Peur Depot


Original Air Date: September 20 2014


Duration: 10 MIN


Discover your phobias in this attraction build into containers located in the Old Port of Montreal. Allow Jonathan and Zina to take you on a comedy & frightful journey through this theatrical catacomb.

Episode 4: Strangers in the Night


Original Air Date: October 10 2014


Duration: 10 MIN


For 10 years, Larry Day has dedicated time for the Starlight Children’s Foundation by throwing a fundraising event in the western part of Montreal. This event brings in over 75 well renowned restaurants as well as live performances by The Pointer Sisters, Boogiewonderband, Kristina Maria and many more. With the money raised, children in need who are part of the Starlight Foundation get benefits which will brighten their day on the road to recovery.

Episode 5: Matsuri Japon


Original Air Date: October 10 2014


Duration: 11 MIN


This authentic Japanese culture festival makes an annual return to showcase what Montreal’s Japanese Community is all about. Jonathan gets to discover traditional dances, festival games, martial arts and his favourite of them all, tasting the delicious food.

Episode 6: Montreal Comiccon


Original Air Date: October 21 2014


Duration: 10 MIN


Calling all comic book fans. This event has exponentially gain popularity in the Montreal scene in the short amount of time of its existence. Zina and Jonathan get their cosplay on as they stroll through geeky awesomeness rows located in Montreal’s Palais Des Congres.

Episode 7: Montreal YouTube Community


Original Air Date: December 31 2014


Duration: 9 MIN


Local Montreal YouTubers have formed a community to create a physical presence in the region where Creative Studios lacked exisence. These spaces occupied by content creators now facilitate opportunities to network and exchange ideas amongst like-minded people. The community now supports and promotes its members to be more productive as well as welcomes new individuals who want to dive into this new medium of mass communication.

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