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Meet The Hosts

Jonathan Mac Donald          Nalie Agustin                  Alex Melki                     Annie Deir                 Anouare Abdou              Spiro Malandrakis         Elysia-Marie                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Campbell

Episode 1: The Sounds of Montreal


Original Air Date: TBD


Duration: 20 MIN


Hosts: Alex, Nalie, Jonathan, Annie & Elysia


In this episode we explore Montreal's local music scene starting with McGill's huge year-end BBQ featuring live bands.


We then sit down with a
special guest, artist Carissa Vales.


Next, we're on location as local artists go head to head for the gold prize in a music competition.


We finish off by checking out local musicians showcasing their talents from porches in NDG.


Episode 2: Fun & Games Montreal


Original Air Date: TBD


Duration: 16 MIN


Hosts: Nalie, Jonathan, Alex, Annie & Spiro


In this episode we make one of our childhood fantasies into a reality
by visiting Montreal's Mermaid School.


Then we hit the rapids for some Saute Mouton.


We end the episode by entering a real escape game at A/MAZE.


Episode 3: Game On Montreal


Original Air Date: TBD


Duration: 21 MIN


Hosts: Alex, Nalie, Jonathan


This episode is all about video games.


We first visit Gaymer Zone with Pika-Jonathan.


Followed by, we meet the aspiring women behind Girls on Games.


Then we introduce a real life Pokemon game with Montreal PKMN League.


Next,we show you around the Game-On exhibit.


And we end off with a Video Game competitionbetween Nalie and Alex.

Episode 4: Montreal, The Fashion City


Original Air Date: TBD


Duration: 17 MIN


Hosts: Spiro, Annie, Nalie & Jonathan  


In this episode we dive into the world of Fashion.


Nalie first takes us to Brunch In The City.


Then we twist things up with an all-men fashion show with Jonathan.


We then end the episode with a surprise treat.


Episode 5: Montreal Cook-Off


Original Air Date: TBD


Duration: 25 MIN


Hosts: Alex, Nalie, Spiro, Jonathan, Elysia, 

Annie & Anouare


This episode is a cook-off between Team Roosters and Team Mediterranean Lightning.


We start off by visitng Tripes and Caviar to cook some brains.


Next, we visit Saint-Henri's Hidden Gem Pops Art to get artisanal Popsicles.


Then we come back to see who will blow the judges' mind with their extravagant dish.


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