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How To Play?


The contestants are required to have smartphones, which they will use to receive clues and input their answers to the Gamemaster. 


On the day of the race, the teams will receive the location of the starting line where they will be introduced to the game by the Gamemaster himself. Once they've all been briefed on the game, the Gamemaster will send them the first task, which the teams will need to read carefully and decipher the fastest way to complete the challenge.


Once all levels have been completed, the teams will receive the location of the finish line.


To celebrate our 3rd year, we have teamed up with what3words an app which simplifies communicating locations and attributing addresses all over the world. 


But, be aware, penalties are attributed to teams who disobey the rules. This can change the outcome of the order the teams arrived at the finish line.



No Cheating


Cheating includes calling your friends and family asking for help, searching on the internet, skipping challenges when not completed and/or using other means of transit not specified by the Gamemaster. You can and are encouraged to ask for help from people on the streets. Cheating will result in disqualification.


No Jaywalking


Yes we know this is Montreal and it has a reputation of highest jaywalking rates, however your safety and the safety of our camera team comes first. You cross a red light or jaywalk you get 20min penalty each time and have to wait for our team to cross safely. 



Washroom ≠ Phone Access


When you visit the washroom you have to forfeit your phones. Rules are rules and the Gamemaster makes them. If you fail to respect this rule you are disqualified.

Be Classy


You are on TV, you have a reputation to keep-up. Please be aware of things you say or do which you will regret later on.


Be Nice


This is a game organized by kind people, have respect for one another and be a good team player. Any acts of violence or hate will result in direct disqualification


Be On Time


The show must go on, if you are late you are disqualified


No Running

Running will only hinder you. This is not the type of race which requires you to rush head on into obstacles both figuratively and literally. For every minute you run, you receive a 20min penalty on your arrival time. Besides, if you run off the camera, you won't be on TV. Stay together at all times.

*Certain restrictions applied


Have Fun

At the end of the day we are here to have fun. So get your racing partner up, grab your bag and GO!

Game Features

Gamemaster Hotline

Are you stuck at a challenge? Do not worry, the Gamemaster has your back. Request help from the Gamemaster and receive a hint on how to complete the challenge. This feature can only be used once. We recommend you sharing your hint with another team. We can't guarantee if the other teams will be willing to return the favor.


To celebrate 3 years in the making, we decided to team up with what3words to make the game more interesting. To complete some of the challenges, the teams will be required to use this mobile app to help them through the race and get them to the finish line. 

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