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Team Trans Trenderz




Lucas is a recording artist and music producer who also happens to be transgender. And ever since he started taking hormones in order to physically transition from female to male, he has changed his life to become active and more healthy than he has ever been. Kayla and Lucas have been best friends since before Lucas started transitioning. Kayla has witnessed the changes in Lucas' appearance and society's behavior but the one thing that hasn't changed is their friendship. They even got matching tattoos years ago to celebrate it.

Fun Facts about Lucas:

Occupation: Music Producer, Recording Artist, DJ

Fun Fact: I'm secretly Spider Man

Hometown: Paris, France

Favorite Place In Montreal: Outside during summer and Inside during winter

Favorite Thing To Do in Montreal: Discover new local talent & perform!

Pet Peeves about Teammate: Hmm...

Superpower: SPIDERMAN

Fun Facts about Kayla:

Occupation: Musician

Fun Fact: I don't look like it, but I'm a crazy cat lady

Hometown: Lachine, QC

Favorite Place In Montreal: In a tree on Mont-Royal

Favorite Thing To Do in Montreal: Pet my cats

Pet Peeves about Teammate: Hmm..

Superpower: Sound Vibration

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