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Team Fat Cat




Team Fat Cat is made up of two sassy Spanish sisters: Melissa and Jessica. Our team name was inspired by our very own large cat at home, Tiggy. Being so close in age, we are each other’s best friends. What makes our team particular is that we have 21 years of partnership already under our belt. We finish each other’s sentences as well as sandwiches. We were born and raised in the heart of Montreal and feel ready to conquer whatever challenges this race has to offer. We won the last round, and we're back for more action. #firstplace.

Fun Facts about Jessica:

Occupation: Student & Freelance Journalist

Fun Fact: Has seen the entire Entourage series at least 3 times through completely

Hometown: Montreal

Favorite Place In Montreal: Cheap Thrills (Used record and book shop)

Favorite Thing To Do in Montreal: Going on street art hunts around the city

Pet Peeves about Teammate: She is literally always watching Grey's Anatomy reruns.

Superpower: Instant Teleportation (Because I'm lazy)

Fun Facts about Melissa:

Occupation: Pre-school Educator

Fun Fact: I take more pictures of clouds than anyone ever should

Hometown: Montreal

Favorite Place In Montreal: Watching the sunset from the Saint-Joseph's Oratory

Favorite Thing To Do in Montreal: Walk around the city aimlessly, because theire's always something interesting goin on

Pet Peeves about Teammate: How grumpy she is in the morning, do not, I repeat, do not bother her in the morning!

Superpower: FLY! Because airfaire is too expensive

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