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Season 2

Season 2 of the Montreal Urban Race can be viewed on Fibe channel 1217.
Montreal Urban Race Teaser

4 Teams race around Montreal solving clues and completing challenges in order to finish 1st and win the grand prize iPad Air. 

Episode Guide

Episode 01: Let The Race Begin!


4 teams embark on a journey full of puzzles and challenges set up around the island of Montreal. In this episode, the teams are on their way to find a historic treasure hidden in the heart of Downtown.

Episode 02: Where is Victoria?


With a rocky start to the race, the teams are on the verge of giving up. Until, they decide to team up and help each other locate the historic Forgotten Hockey Shrine.

Episode 03: Zombies in the Museum


In this episode the contestants are invited to a glamorous Hollywood party at Musée Grévin Montreal, with Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling & Lady Gaga. However, the teams are most eager to meet the fashion model from LaSalle. But where is #TeamBlueberry ? So much scandal!

Episode 04: Shake-it, K-Pop Style!


Anyohaseyo! The teams are getting a taste of South Korea with 2KSQUAD, a Montreal-based K-Pop dance group. #teamregoatthis‘ frustration has reached an all time high and they are on the verge of quitting the race!

Episode 05: Take a Breather


#TeamBlueberry finally catches up with the other teams. #Teamregoatthis patches things up and complete the challenge first. They are now headed to Breather Balfour, where they have to solve a complex puzzle to find the location of the finish line.

Episode 06: The Champion's Pose


On this season finale, things get heated as the teams are now neck and neck. They must make their way to the finish line where they need to strike a champion's pose to finish the race . Who will be the winner? What twists did the gamemasters plot to change the outcome?

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