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Season 3

Season 3 of the Montreal Urban Race can be viewed on Fibe channel 1217.
Montreal Urban Race Teaser

4 Teams race around Montreal solving clues and completing challenges in order to finish 1st and win the grand prize Mac Book.

Episode Guide

Episode 01: Hidden Boxes


Teams must go around Parc Lafontaine to locate one of the four hidden boxes holding the instructions for the next level.

Episode 02: Hunt The Murals


Teams are sent to the iconic Saint-Laurent Boulevard; to find the 3 murals matching the pictures they found in boxes from the previous level. Team Fat Cat encounter issues with their map reading skills.

Episode 03: Mystery Murals


Team Best Coast succeeds finding all three murals and head to their next challenge. The three other teams struggle completing the level as time is catching up to them.  

Episode 04: History or Mystery


All 4 teams are faced to make a decision in which challenge they want to take on, as this level is split into two choices. Team Fat Cat is faced with a historic enigma which may or may not put them in the lead.

Episode 05: Skateboards For Hope


In this episode,  teams make their way to Peace Park to find Skateboards For Hope which will hand in their next challenge. Team Fat Cat experience technological problems and Team Best Coast makes the lead by heading to the Old Port.

Episode 06: Montreal Scavenger Hunt


Teams get neck to neck as they embark on a scavenger hunt to finding Montreal’s Secrets. Team Fat Cat have technological problems again placing them way behind from the other teams.

Episode 07: The Gliding Labyrinth


Teams end up in the Old Port where they are faced with a dilemma to choose between the Fast or Slow Track.

Episode 08: The Final Stretch


As the teams receive their 3 final words; they must enter them in the what3words app in the right sequence in order to reveal the location of the finish line.

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