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Team Blasian




Maycie and Dominique met two years ago at Dawson College. It was an unusual friendship, one that no one could have predicted, but it works. They are both competitive, outgoing and highly energetic. They have worked on many projects together and have a great dynamic - they get the job done AND they have a great time doing it. They always look for the best in any situation that they are in and they love to laugh. They will win the race on sheer determination and perseverance - you won't see these girls giving up!

Fun Facts about Dominique

Occupation: Student

Fun Fact: Biked across Canada

Hometown: Montreal

Favorite Place In Montreal: Old Port

Favorite Thing To Do in Montreal: Osheaga, Jazz Fest, Igloofest

Pet Peeves about Teammate: That she's great at everything she does haah!

Superpower: Breath Underwater

Fun Facts about Maycie:

Occupation: Dance Teacher

Fun Fact: I play the violan

Favorite Place In Montreal: Place des Festivals

Favorite Thing To Do in Montreal:Take a stroll in the Old Port

Pet Peeves about Teammate: She gets stressed out easely.

Superpower: Siri... In my brain!

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